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How To Copy Trades From MT4 & MT5 Mobile App


Are you using your mobile device to trade when you can’t get to your desktop setup? Are you using one MetaTrader account to copy trades across to other accounts using the FX Account Cloning setup? Well, then you’ve probably run into the problem that the MetaTrader mobile app doesn’t allow trade copier software. Let me give you a hack that will enable you to do personal copy trading on Android or iOS and copy trades from one Metatrader to another across multiple devices.

If you’ve come across this little snag and are getting frustrated that you can’t run all of your accounts while you’re on the go, then you’re in the right place. Keep on reading, and you’ll soon be able to copy trades from your mobile app to any number of MetaTrader accounts you want!

How Trades Travel from Your Metatrader Mobile App

So, let’s dive straight in. We have to look at how the trades travel from your MetaTrader mobile app to other devices once you make them. When you have your mobile app open and click to make a trade, where does that signal go next?

Understanding this is the key to setting up a way to copy trades from the Metatrader account on the mobile app to multiple accounts on other devices. That is very similar to what we’ve been doing with the Local Trade Copier™ software in our other tutorials, but this time, there’s a twist that makes it work from an iPhone or Android mobile device. When you know how it works, you can even copy trades from the Android MT4 account to another phone.

How Trades Travel from Your Mobile App to VPS Server or PC

How Trades Travel from Your Mobile App to VPS Server or PC

So, here’s the answer. The trick to doing this is taking advantage of how MetaTrader was designed. One of the functions of MetaTrader is that it allows you to log in to the same account from multiple devices. That is simple enough. That’s how a lot of social media accounts work. There’s no trade copier software involved in the process yet. That’s just how MetaTrader was built.

When you log in to your MetaTrader account on your mobile app and your desktop setup (or your VPS server, tablet, laptop, or whatever), you can make a trade on one device, and it will instantly appear on your other device.

So the trick is hardly a trick at all. You log into the same account on different devices and manage your trades. It’s just like posting a photo on Instagram. The moment you click “post” on one device, the image appears on your feed on all your other devices. It also appears on the feed of your friends and family who are following you. They get to see it instantly too.

But what if you want to manage more than one account from your mobile device? Well, then you need a Mobile-To-Many Copycat™ setup illustrated in the graphic below. I hope this helps you understand what I am trying to explain.

Mobile-To-Many-Copycat™ setup

Mobile-To-Many-Copycat™ setup

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are two master accounts, MetaTrader Master Account #1 and MetaTrader Master Account #2. Both master accounts are set up on your computer or VPS server. As you can see, each master account controls three client accounts – the three blue ones for Master Account #1 and three purple ones for Master Account #2. In total, that’s eight MetaTrader accounts all running on the same setup. Now, this can be your desktop PC or a VPS server – a VPS is optional, but I highly recommend it if you want to be running multiple accounts smoothly and efficiently.

Of course, the critical step here is to link all of these accounts together using the Local Trade Copier™ software. You can do this easily and quickly, and it is a tried and tested way to clone trades from one account to many. If you need a more detailed explanation, check out my earlier tutorial on the FX Account Cloning setup.

There’s just one other important thing to remember. The MetaTrader mobile app will let you log in to multiple accounts from one device, just not simultaneously. So, if you want to manage more than one master account from your Metatrader mobile app, you need to switch between accounts by logging out of one account and logging back into the other. That is a bit clunky, but it shouldn’t stop you from achieving what you need.

In the following image, you can see that I have accounts from Darwinex, Fusion Markets, IC Markets, and Tripleafx on one Metatrader mobile app. That is a great way to get an overview of all your accounts, and you can easily switch between them to manage your trades, view your balance, or change settings.

Sending Trades From Multiple Metatrader Accounts From Mobile App

Sending Trades From Multiple Metatrader Accounts From Mobile App

As long as you’ve completed the link up with the client accounts with the Local Trade Copier™ software on your computer, you can use these accounts on your mobile app to clone trades across as many accounts as you need!

Copy trades from Android MT4 account to another device

I know to some of you, all of this sounds simple, but remember when you were new to using MetaTrader and running different accounts? I’ve included a few screenshots below to ensure that even new users get how this works. They show what this process looks like on Metatrader.

So here you have a screenshot of my VPS and the MetaTrader mobile app. This way, I can show you what happens when I make a trade.

Logged to same Metatrader account on VPS and Mobile App

Logged to same Metatrader account on VPS and Mobile App

In the following screenshot, you’ll see that when I open a trade in the Metatrader mobile app, it immediately appears on the master account and instantly gets sent to the client accounts. Getting trades copied across Metatrader accounts on different devices is like magic, right?

Trade copied from MT4 Mobile App to other accounts on VPS

Trade copied from MT4 Mobile App to other accounts on VPS

Copy trades from Android MT5 account to another computer

Of course, this works on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 in the same way. Check out the following screenshot, which illustrates how I sent a trade to both client accounts. Both accounts picked up the trade and copied it perfectly. It means you can trade multiple accounts simultaneously from the MT5 Mobile app.

Trade copied from MT5 Mobile App to other accounts on VPS

Trade copied from MT5 Mobile App to other accounts on VPS.

Local Trade Copier™ will take care of the money management automatically. The beauty of this is that you can copy trades across with all of your settings and make sure that the lot sizes are appropriate to the size of the client accounts. If the capital of the client account is bigger than the master account, you can be sure that the lot size is appropriate for that account.

The Local Trade Copier™ software allows you to copy any settings you need, whether it’s trade filtering, risk management, stop-loss limits, whatever you want. It all works great!

Here’s a video where I explain how the Local Trade Copier works:

So, you have just learned how to copy your trades to multiple MetaTrader accounts from your mobile device in no time at all. You can be anywhere in the world and run accounts for yourself, your friends and family, or any number of clients. Gone are the days when you’d be kicking yourself because you couldn’t get to your computer on time to take advantage of some fundamental market movements.

They say that knowledge is power and, if that’s true, you just gained a lot of power, folks! With what you’ve just learned, you don’t need to miss out on those important events anymore. Now you can be sitting by the hotel pool on holiday and still make those trades across multiple accounts whenever you need to.

Rimantas Petrauskas

Rimantas Petrauskas is one of the most well-known programmers among Forex traders. Having more than 20+ years of programming experience, he created two of the most popular trade copiers for the MetaTrader 4 platform—the Signal Magician and Local Trade Copier. Rimantas is also a best-selling author on Amazon after his book "How to Start Your Own Forex Signals Service" hit #4 in the Forex category during the first launch week.


  • Darin says:

    Great article! This is something I am looking into doing down the line.

    My question is….if I am trading for multiple clients under one Master account, how can I control the position sizing for the individual slave accounts?

    For an example, on my Master account I place A trade with a position for 2 full lots, but that position would be too large on a smaller slave account.

    Thanks Again,

    • Dear Darin,

      thank you for your interest. The position sizing will be taken care of by the Local Trade Copier software even if you have bigger or smaller accounts. There are 4 risk options to choose from and by default LTC copier is set to operate in a way to lower or rise the lot size on the client accounts according to their account size, available account equity to be exact.

      Rimantas Petrauskas

  • David A. says:

    Hey can you recommend a VPS that allows me to buy under the $10 monthly commitment?


    ps I’m not a fund manager. It is my threshold doesn’t allow me to trade with more than $1k. I can get 100% within the 10 months period on a $1k account. But when I increase the trading capital to $5k I flop.

    So I thought of opening 9 slave account funded with $1k than use them to copy my master account. In this way I have $10k trading capital but because I only see my master account. I don’t get psychology block on the size.

  • Robert says:

    Is license needed to use this system in USA?

  • Alberto says:

    Hi brother
    I want to copy trader from an account MT4 APP —- To —– MT4 Windows
    I only have an investor password and a while ago I lost contact with the owner of the account.

    Is it possible to copy this way?

    If it is possible please tell me which option of your copiers should I choose

    Thank you

    • If you have investor password of any MT4 account and you are able to log in then you can copy these trades to other MT4 account using LTC copier from

      • wisnu says:

        what if the account can’t login from the mt4 windows, however it’s only available to login on mt4 android?
        why this account is odd, the broker is already out from market, but this account is still running on their server? and you can only login from mt4 android.
        is it possible to copy?

        • My guess is that is a scam account. Better stay away.

          • Derrick says:

            What if the broker is active and profitable with results on myfxbook, yet you can only access his trades with investor password via android?Can I still copy them using this software?

          • You cannot copy trades if the broker gives access only via android. Furthermore, we would not trust such a broker because it’s not how MT4/MT5 works and the fact that you cannot access Metatrader account normally is very suspicious.

      • Derrick says:

        What would cause copied trades not to trigger but to be found in account history as limit orders?

        Thank you.

  • Luis says:

    Does your software support mt5 accounts?

  • Soe says:

    Greetings, just so I’m clear, I can get an mt4 trade copier on my IPad without any license?

    • MT4 on iPad or any other mobile device does not allow running Expert Advisor. So the answer is no, you cannot have trade copier on iPad.
      But you can have trade copier running on the same MT4 account on a VPS server and then you can control trades from your iPad.

  • Akindolani Abidoye says:

    Thanks for your articles… I have accounts with 4 different brokers, If I want to use LTC on my phone, (Android).. How do i install your software on my Android phone so that I ll not be repeating the same action on other MT4. I have watched your videos, its only possible on Laptop, and I can see the trades placed running on my phone. If I click on the Master to close the trade on my phone , the order ll be closed on the master account but Same trades Will still be running on the slave accounts. Except I close them one after the other. Please I need guidance. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      thanks for your comment we appreciate it.
      You do not need to install anything on your phone. Mobile mt4 do not allow the use of expert advisors.
      You need to install LTC on your PC or VPS server. Attach Server EA on the master account and client ea on each client account.
      Here is a video tutorial:

      Each account must be running on a separate mt4 platform all the time for a copier to work.
      If you close platforms on desktop it will not work.

      Then you can simply trade your master account and trades will be copied to your clients immediately. And will be closed too when you close a trade on the master.

      You can stop copier by closing MT4 platforms.

      Hope this helps.

  • Edward says:

    Hi, i m also starting to manage the accounts of two clients but i m afraid that one if my clients is actually thinking of copying from his account which is a slave account on my system by making it a master account on his system and thus copying my trades forward to other accounts can it be done? And if the slave account can become a master account on another system how can i restrict it?

    • Yes, technically it is possible to make any MT4 account a master and re-copy any trades further to other MT4 accounts.
      And there’s no way to protect from this and you will not even know it is happening.
      So because there is no way to know if someone is replicating your trading signals without your knowledge I simply propose to look at this situation from a different angle.
      Do not worry if your trading signals are replicated without your knowledge! Don’t let this stop you from running your forex business and don’t let this idea drive you insane.
      If people received Forex trades to their trading platform, it’s already their trades. If they pay you money to copy those trades this means they belong to them now. After all, they are opened on the client account using their money, not anyone else’s money. It is them risking money with those trades they have purchased from a signal provider. Nothing stops them from adding another trade copier app on their platform and copy those trades to other client accounts.
      Do not worry about the things you cannot control.
      99% of people will not even know or can re-copy your signals. They just want you to grow their account without them doing anything.

  • Richie Chen says:

    Hi, how do I actually set up the LTC in my mobile? it is working fine with my laptop but trades opened from the master account in my mobile could not be sent to my slave accounts, is there any solution or tutorial for me to follow? Thanks

    • All MT4 platforms (including master) must be running all the time on your PC or VPS server and be connected with trade copier.
      Then, you can trade your master from mobile and trades should be copied fine.

      If that doesn’t work I need more information to be able to help and you should contact our tech support team here and include a screenshot and details about your trade copier setup. What messages do you see in the EXPERTS tab at the bottom of the client MT4 platform when you try to copy trades? The reason must be there in the log files.

      Maybe your master MT4 and client MT4 are not running on PC or VPS?
      This video shows everything step-by-step:

  • Abtullah Özel says:

    hey hi , I’ve been a trader for 11 years, and copy software like this is a good thing to make more money, but I don’t want anyone to see my strategy and my account. So my question is, do my clients see my account and my strategy?

    • No, clients do not see your strategy. Nobody sees your strategy. You have everything setup on your computer, and your trades, when they get copied are copied locally. They do not travel though any intermediate server or anything like that. Our trade copier is 100% private.


    Dear Rimantas, could I copy from one broker that uses EURUSD.# to EURUSD.EN , is it possible ?
    The copier recognize these two different ends for make a copy ?
    Thanks a lot

  • Raphael Stephen says:

    Is the local trade copier available for android and can I use it to copy trades from master to client account on the same phone/device

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