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MAAB Trade Filter: Copy Master Account Only When It Is Making Profits

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All strategies have drawdowns or periods when they face unfavorable market conditions. MAAB Trade Filter is specifically made to reduce negative effects on your account when combined with the Local Trade Copier. It is an easy solution to minimize drawdown and copy Master Account only when it is making profits. This tool also has the power to turn bad EAs and strategies into winners. Find out how MAAB Trade Filter makes it happen in this guide.

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Money Management settings explained in MT4 Trade Copier

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Local Trade Copier for MT4 allows you to control the lot size on the client account in many ways. The software has many parameters to control the lot allocation. You can copy trades at the same percentage risk even when master and client accounts are of different size and different deposit currency or you can copy trades at your own set fixed lot size. You also have the ability to copy trades with the same lot size no matter what or choose one of few more advanced risk control settings.

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