The Most Configurable MT4 Trade Copier In Industry

Widely Used By Hundreds of Forex Traders and Independent Account Managers Since 2010

See how Local Trade Copier can copy Forex trades between multiple computers, VPS servers and even from a MT4 Mobile App

In this video I explain how you can copy Forex trades between multiple computers/VPS and even from your MT4 Mobile App to other MT4 accounts.

Great solution for money managers on-the-road

You can trade Forex from your computer, VPS server, iPhone, iPad, Android and many other devices, and you can copy those trades to other MT4 accounts with the Local Trade Copier.

Local Trade Copier helps Forex traders and account managers copy their trading positions between multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts so they won't need to repeat the same trade operations on each MT4 platform individually.

What do my customers say?

  • Ahmed Salah Mohamed AboElEneen, FXDD money manager

    As a money manager , it is was a big issue to trade with more than 50 or even 100 lot size for my customers. After trying the Local Trade Copier, I can distribute more than 100 standard lots on multiple accounts and execute the trades at nearly the same price, while closing, modifying and changing take profit all at same time as well. I recommend this product for money managers as it will eliminate the manual work and facilitate multiple trade handling. It very easy to use and setup. Plus the customer care team is very supportive.

    Ahmed Salah Mohamed AboElEneen, FXDD money manager,
    Eyezillion for Financial consultancy and training, Founder and chairman

    Roswitha Ruehl, Germany,

    Thank you for this very good trade copier product. Installation was totally easy, even on a VPS server. I saw no differences between copied trades. The best LTC Manager features are risk management, capital management and setting the lot size for each account separately. Perfect and fast support. I highly recommend this professional Trade Copier software from Rimantas.

    Roswitha Ruehl, Germany,

  • Petr Bystricky, Czech republic,

    I tried to find some good metatrader signal copy program for a long time as there are several on the market. Finaly I found LTC local trade copier which was exactly what I was looking for.
    I tried the one month trial version which I tested in detail and then I just bought the full version without any hesitation. I can recommend this amazing software to anyone as also the price is amazing comparing the other brand products.
    There is no any delay in the execution of signals as data between server and client happens every second. Installation is pretty easy by using the manual, which you will receive with the products. Also, you can contact support anytime which will also respond to you very quickly. I must say that I’m completely satisfy with this product.

    Petr Bystricky, Czech republic,

    William Alfonso Tapia Diaz, Chile

    The LTC is one of the best copiers available on the market. The only obstacle that I had in order to decide to purchase it was the lack of knowledge about this kind of product, but after exploring the market I realized that this is the best. It is very stable (in all time that I have been using the EA I have not had any problem with it), easy to install and has very fast trade execution. Also it has a many interesting features such as partial close, copy only market orders and can work with any broker and any symbol. These features, together with others too, make a very useful and reliable product. Definitely I will recommend this product to anyone who is looking for this type of software.

    William Alfonso Tapia Diaz, Chile

  • Tobias Bolle, Germany

    I was looking for a solution to copy trades from a smaller account into a larger one - fully automatically. With LTC Personal I found a solution which made it easy and uncomplicated to achieve this goal. The setup is really easy, fast and it works flawless and is reliable.
    Conclusion: a really good solution to copy trades in an very easy and reliable way.

    Tobias Bolle, Germany

    Junghun Na, South Korea

    Copying trades with the Local Trade Copier between MT4 accounts is easy and traders must get Local Trade Copier especially when you have several MT4 accounts. The trade execution is fast and reliable, the software will copy the trades within a second. Moreover, the reverse trade option is truly amazing as I can manipulate the losing position into a winner. I would recommend Local Trade Copier for the independent MT4 account manager who wants to duplicate orders into multiple accounts.

    Junghun Na, South Korea

  • Absar Bajwa, UK

    I was not aware that a tool such as the trade copier was readily available. I was hesitant at first as I was dubious about how well it would perform. However, after purchasing the product and testing on demo I was very pleasantly surprised by it’s reliability. I particularly like the ability to easily vary risk amongst different accounts to test my strategies. In addition to this there are loads of useful features. Some other benefits that I have found useful are the reverse trade option, the ability to block trading of certain pairs (which is useful if the account balance is low), and the mapping option which allows trading to any of my accounts that may be with a different broker who uses a different names for a pair (i.e, GOLD vs. XAUUSD). I would highly recommend this tool as I have found it great for copying my trades to my other accounts in order to test strategies / risk or hedge positions with the reverse trade option. I suppose the only thing I would like to add would be the ability to hide my stop loss or take profit from the broker, other than that it’s an awesome product!

    Absar Bajwa, UK


  • Icey Junior, Malaysia

    I’m very satisfied with the Local Trade Copier software-it is the software I needed. It copies trades between MT4 platforms on the same computer in a very fast, and quite stable manner. Those who have many accounts to manage at one time can consider this product. It will lighten your workload.

    Icey Junior, Malaysia

    Ahmad Yassin, Sweden

    I am a money manager and was searching for the perfect trade copier, and lucky for me I found the LTC VIP. The best thing about this EA is that I can have as many master and slave accounts as I want. It is very fast, reliable and highly accurate. Every manager should have this EA. Copy trading is made easy. Now with this perfect EA I can trade and send signals to all my clients MT4 accounts without any delays or problems. If you are serious about forex trading and managing clients’ money this is a must.

    Ahmad Yassin, Sweden

  • Terrance Drayson, Australia, NSW, Sydney

    The obstacle that would have prevented me from buying the LTC VIP was that I thought it would be too complex for me to use as I am not an experienced IT expert. But when I installed the trial procedure I found the software to be very simple and easy to use. I found that it is user friendly and extraordinarily effective and that the trades are executed straight from my account to my clients, without any discrepancies. I very much like that when you open the chart, all of the information about the ea is written right in front of me. This helps me to know that its working perfectly. It also helped me improve my small business majorly. I would definitely recommend this product, having five excellent qualities, ease of installation, the exactness of trades placed on the master accounts and received on the slave accounts. Also the readout on the chart gives excellent information, the price is extremely reasonable for a start up business and finally my clients find it easy to connect to my master account.

    Terrance Drayson, Australia, NSW, Sydney


  • Pedro Manuel Barroco Granjinho, Portugal

    I needed a software to invert and copy positions and loser, but I thought there was. So I searched on the web and I found this LTC was easy to install and put on a VPS. I saw that it has a very fast and almost instantaneous execution. I started winning pips in my account and used a slave copy of the LTC VIP and now my business is profitable for several client accounts and they can adjust the risk to the value on each account. It's fantastic!!

    Pedro Manuel Barroco Granjinho, Portugal

    Torsten Kroeger

    Even without being a signal provider, LTC EA allows me to work with multiple trade accounts on my computer. LTC copies trades instantly from master to slave accounts between different brokers. The settings are easy to execute and support is excellent. LTC EA gives me many ideas to have my trading managed in different setups. This software is definitely a buy.

    Torsten Kroeger

  • Doris Andres, Spain

    I was looking for a tool to use the same strategy of EAs for different real and demo accounts. The tool I was looking for needed to be flexible and offer the possibility to filter Magic Numbers and to use different risks for each account. These points are mandatory and the Local Trade copier offers these.
    Using a copier tool lets me save a lot of time. One important feature is that it has to be set up only once, and that is important for EAs with many charts. I especially like the possibility to receive filtered signals from several accounts. This lets me create very personal portfolios for different client needs.
    I have tried many different copier programs and must say that the Local Trade Copier is extremely easy to use and absolutely reliable. It was easy to make my decision to buy this program. I would definitely recommend this products for people who only want to do simple copying. To extend my business I think will buy the Remote trade copier.

    Doris Andres, Spain


  • Sandra Duffy, Ireland

    Once you familiarize yourself with the whole array of available settings on this smart piece of software… trading becomes so manageable. I found the trades copied to be robust and none of the settings have faltered. I recommend this highly to anyone who takes their account management seriously!

    Sandra Duffy, Ireland

    Todd J. McNally, United States,

    I have used many trade copier services but none compare to Rimantas Petrauskas’ LTC trade copier. This software is by far the best in the industry. Everything works perfectly. He has made it very simple to use. It works exactly like you expect it to. I have tested everything and this software the only trade copier you will ever need.

    Todd J. McNally, United States,

  • I needed to find a solution for trade copying as I test various trading programs. I have searched very hard for a solution that is robust, but simple to use AND most be cost effective. I searched and tried other solutions who were either too complex to work properly or did not meet my needs for other reasons. But then I found LTC Manager. Not only was the price the most reasonable I found, but it does everything I need and has worked perfectly since I started using it. Installation was very, very easy compared to other solutions I tried.

    The other critical aspect for me is working with a company who is responsive if I have questions or issues. I have to say that your responses to all my questions have been fantastic and timely. No waiting and worrying. You help me when I have needed it and things have been great every since I started using LTC Manager. Simply put, the product does what it promises to do, the prices are great and the service 2nd to none.

    I am truly glad I found your solution and look forward to a long relationship.

    Mike Schwartz, United States


  • I test your LTC Manager since one week with one Master and 10 Slave accounts. The funtion is total easy and the copier trades come fast and exactly into the Slave accounts. Thank you for this nicely Trade Copier software.

    Roswitha, Germany

    Your product gives me really nice feature and very stable running.

    Tokihiko Arai, Japan

  • Vikas Bains, BC Canada

    I heard about your copier service from 4xedge. As i'm a client with them they recommended this Copier System as the best in the market. So I thought, lets try out the VIP LTC copier and see for myself. First of all the EA is very professional, reliable and the custom features are just amazing. Its super easy to install as it automatically locates your MT4 folders and setup is a breeze. Just works perfectly and also tells you if there is any issues with a connection problem from the broker server. The best feature I love is the Risk/Ratio that it automatically calculates the Risk to be copied from Master to Slave account without you doing any calculations. It’s the best, most professional piece of MT4 software out there, hands down. Try it first and see for yourself. Thanks Ea-Coder, I am very very happy with the product and will recommended it to anybody who is looking for a Trade copying EA for MT4 accounts.

    Vikas Bains, BC Canada


How Local Trade Copier is different?

Local Trade Copier is an EA-based account copier program for MetaTrader 4 client terminal created by Rimantas Petrauskas and widely used by Forex money managers and retail traders. LTC is the most configurable trade copier in industry. Instead of listing all of the features that most MT4 trade copiers have, I will just give you those that are unique.

Marketing Icon
Option Wide Trade Filtering

LTC is the first MT4 Trade Copier in industry with external trade filtering indicators. Also it can filter trades with a daily time filter or custom time filter using on-screen rectangle objects. It also has plenty of other trade filtering options (by magic number, trade comment, pair, lot size, stop loss, take profit, etc).

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Super Fast

LTC synchronization rate is 400ms, which means it will check for updates acorss all accounts two times every second. This is extremely fast and you can even make it faster with the VIP license. But there is one catch. The actual speed of execution depends on your broker. In this video you can see a test comparing speed of execution with Local Trade Copier between several brokers.

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Easy to Install

I am not joking with this. If you honestly take the time (15 minutes) to read the instruction manual you will learn that it's super easy to install and setup LTC. You can start copying trades in like 5 minutes with just default settings.

See All Local Trade Copier Features

With this trade copier software you will become an independent money manager. Before you realize how many options and features this application has, let me tell you that you should not freak-out about them. If you do not need them, just leave them. LTC is designed in such a way that even with default settings you get your trades copied. Now when you get more and more into copy trading you can learn and enable those options one at a time. It's like buying a new car with 100's of buttons. You never know what each of them does and only use those that you need.

Local Trade Copier is the most configurable app of its kind in industry with more than 100+ options.

LTC can copy trades when MT4 master and MT4 client accounts are running all the time on the same computer/VPS.
If you need to send trades to clients through Internet, when master and client accounts are running on different computers, you should use the Signal Magician.
  • Capable to copy trades from MT4 Mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android).
  • 3rd party trades allowed. Copier does not interfere with them.
  • Filter trades by external indicators.
  • Filter trades by daily time filter and week days.
  • Filter trades by time using on-screen rectangle objects.
  • Filter trades by type, pair, size, comment, magic number, SL, TP, etc .
  • Adjustable synchronization rate (default 400ms).
  • Auto detects symbol suffix on master and slave.
  • MT4 friendly, does not violate any of MetaQuotes policies.


This software is designed for the Metatrader 4 platform and can be used with any Forex broker, any MT4 account and any currency pair.

  • Works on personal computers and VPS servers.
  • Endless copying scenarios available.
  • Emergency stops and equity protection.
  • Various stop loss and take profit alterations.
  • Supports "Partial Close" and "Close By".
  • Symbol mappings on external file and/or EA Inputs.
  • 5 risk management options.
  • Works fluently with Forex and non-Forex symbols.
  • Allows to set Custom Pip Sizes.


With the Local Trade Copier you will be able to copy the trades from one Metatrader 4 platform to another as soon as they happen. This is the software that can help you become a great Forex account manager as it can duplicate multiple master accounts to any number of customer accounts.

  • Detailed instruction manuals included.
  • Designed to run 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • "Reverse Trades" technology.
  • Pending orders manipulation (shift, delay, etc).
  • Custom Trade Comments.
  • Intelligent Error Handling technology.
  • Smart Trade Identification technology.
  • Email and push error alerts (MT4 engine).
  • Master and slave accounts can be of a different size.


You wont believe what Forex trading experience you will gain while experimenting with its reverse trading method; you can connect multiple master accounts, apply various trade filters and pass the remaining trades to your customers accounts.

Get your 30-day trial for just €1 EUR below
and test Local Trade Copier on your MT4 accounts

Software is not locked to the MT4 account numbers and you are not required to contact me if you want to use software on another MT4 account(s) later. 1 master or 1 slave means that software can be used only on one account at the same time on the same computer/VPS. Unlimited computers mean that you can use a software on any number of computers and/or VPS servers as long as they belong to you.

You are not allowed to share the software with a 3rd party. If you want your clients/followers run trade copier EA on their computer/VPS and receive/copy trades from your MT4 account, you need to use Signal Magician.

You can upgrade Local Trade Copier to a better license later by paying price difference.

LTC Personal
One-time fee of


+VAT for EU buyers
  • Unlimited MT4 Master Accounts
  • Unlimited MT4 Slave Accounts
  • 3x Personal Computers/VPS
  • 118 configuration options
  • Trade Filter Indicators
  • Time Range Filters
  • Adjustable sync rate
  • -
  • -
One-time fee of


+VAT for EU buyers
  • Unlimited MT4 Master Accounts
  • Unlimited MT4 Slave Accounts
  • 30x Personal Computers/VPS
  • 122 configuration options
  • Trade Filter Indicators
  • Time Range Filters
  • Adjustable sync rate
  • Lot splitting
  • Martingale mode
Signal Magician
  Signal Magician logo  
  • Unlimited MT4 Master Accounts
  • Unlimited MT4 Slave Accounts
  • Unlimited Computers or VPS
  • 100+ configuration options
  • Designed for Signal Service
  • Multiple Signal Providers
  • Email Alerts
  • Automated payments
  • Full White Label

30-day trial can be purchased only once.

I do not offer VPS services and there is no VPS server included in the price.

I do not offer refunds for any purchases, instead I offer 30-day fully functional trial version so you could test the software before you buy it.

See instruction manuals (included in each LTC package) for detailed information and complete list of configuration options.

You are not allowed to share the software with a 3rd party. If you want your clients/followers run trade copier EA on their computer/VPS and receive/copy trades from your MT4 account, you need to use Signal Magician.

After the payment you will receive an email with the download link. If you do not receive it in 15 minutes please check your Spam/Bulk folders. If the email is missing please contact my support team. Add my email address to your contact/white list to make sure you receive updates from me in the future.

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Having trouble understanding how all this works?

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