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Trade Copier video tutorial

Copy Forex Trades with Different Risk Parameters for Each Trading Instrument

By Trade Copier video tutorial 2 Comments

In this video I explain how you can copy Forex positions from one MetaTrader 4 to another and have each currency pair trades risk different amount of client account capital.

For example I can have USDJPY copying trades with 0.13 lot size when GBPUSD copy the trades with 0.26 lot size, regardless the fact those trades are coming from the same master account.

With this MT4 Trade Copier all Forex traders can share their trades with family, friends or clients.

SplitLots function explained

By Trade Copier video tutorial 16 Comments

In this video, I demonstrate how SplitLots function works in the Local Trade Copier and also explain what it does and how it helps if you trade big volume position size.

IMPORTANT! SplitLots function does not take partial closing (a.k.a. scaling out) into account. If you close a portion of a master trade, the Client EA might close all trades (occurred from SplitLots) on the client account or, it might be closed only after you fully close master trade.

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