Trade multiple MetaTrader 4 accounts simultaneously

LTC allows to open the same trades on many MT4 accounts at the same time regardless of account type. Trades can be replicated between any type of MT4 account including: real account, demo account, spread betting account, PAMM/MAM account, etc.

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“Exhaust” Trading Robots

With Local Trade Copier you can mirror the trades of any trading bot which is locked to your MT4 account. For example, when buy some automated Forex EA it will likely be locked to your MT4 account number. This means you can use it only on one account. But no one prevents you from copying EA trades to other MT4 accounts.

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Create investment portfolio of many MT4 accounts

When you are involved in copy trading and follow accounts on MQL5 Market, Zulutrade, MyFxBook Autotrade and similar networks, usually each strategy requires new account to be opened. If you have say 3 accounts following individual strategies and have MT4 investor (read-only view) password, then using my Forex trade copier you can merge them all into one MT4 account.

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Remove risk of unregulated Forex brokers

My MetaTrader account copier allows you to duplicate trading from your small account at some overseas unregulated Forex broker into your bigger account you have with a regulated broker you can trust.

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Alternative to PAMM (No contracts)

My forex copier software is a great choice for anyone who wants to become account manager immediately without the need of opening MAM/PAMM accounts with the broker.

With my trade copier you can become an independent Forex account manager and manage MT4 accounts of your friends, family, and other investors. You can buy trading robot or trading strategy for your account and mirror its trading to other accounts.

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Turn losing trading strategy into a winner

Using the “Reverse Trading” technology, this forex copier program can turn a losing trading strategy into a winning one. The trick here is to mirror positions from a losing master account into a client account and change trade direction.

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100% Confidential Trade Copier

I’ve created software to respect your privacy and this trade copier is 100% confidential. This means you will not need to share MT4 passwords with anyone and trades you are copying will be sent only to client accounts (no middle men).

You don’t need to worry about security and privacy, because you never need to disclose MetaTrader 4 account passwords to anyone.

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As a money manager, it is was a big issue to trade with more than 50 or even 100 lot size for my customers. After trying the Local Trade Copier, I can distribute more than 100 standard lots on multiple accounts and execute the trades at nearly the same price, while closing, modifying and changing take profit all at same time as well. I recommend this product for money managers as it will eliminate the manual work and facilitate multiple trade handling. It very easy to use and setup. Plus the customer care team is very supportive.

Ahmed Salah Mohamed AboElEneen, FXDD money manager, Eyezillion for Financial consultancy and training, Founder and chairman

Thank you for this very good trade copier product. Installation was totally easy, even on a VPS server. I saw no differences between copied trades. The best LTC Manager features are risk management, capital management and setting the lot size for each account separately. Perfect and fast support. I highly recommend this professional Trade Copier software from Rimantas.

Roswitha Ruehl, Germany