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Local Trade Copier and error 133 on the MT4 Client Account


Today’s LTC question is:

Trade copier gives an OrderSend error (133) and says that my broker disabled a few pairs. What does that mean?

In most cases this happens when your broker use currency suffix and the trade copier was not able to detect it automatically or detected it incorrectly. To solve fix this you need to set the suffix manually using the CurrencyNameSufix option and also set the TurnOffAutoSufixDetection option to TRUE.

Turn off auto suffix detection in the LTC Client EA

Turn off auto suffix detection in the LTC Client EA

This usually can happen when your broker has more than one symbol for the same currency pair, for example EURUSD and then the same pair with some suffix at the end like EURUSD_Ask.

Currency name suffix C in Sensus Capital Markets MT4 platform

Currency name suffix “c” in MT4 platform

Another reason for such error can be when trading on some or all pairs is disabled by your broker. Trading might be disabled temporarily or permanently. Maybe it’s your new account and your broker needs to enable auto trading option on their side. You should contact your broker about this if the 1st solution did not help.

Also there were cases that clients got the same error because of a poor Internet connection on their VPS server or computer.

In any case, you can always try to open a position manually on the same currency pair and see if it works. If you get the same error then probably trading is disabled for that pair and only your broker can help you with this.

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Rimantas Petrauskas

Rimantas Petrauskas is one of the most well-known programmers among Forex traders. Having more than 20+ years of programming experience, he created two of the most popular trade copiers for the MetaTrader 4 platform—the Signal Magician and Local Trade Copier. Rimantas is also a best-selling author on Amazon after his book "How to Start Your Own Forex Signals Service" hit #4 in the Forex category during the first launch week.

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