Risk Parameters Explained in LTC Client EA

In this video, I explain what risk parameters you can find in MT4 Local Trade Copier and how to use them.

With LTC it is possible to determine the risk factor for each slave account separately. LTC can handle different lot sizes for different accounts independent of their balance.

By default, LTC Client EA will use the same proportional volume size in the client account using the RiskRatioServer parameter which is set to 1 by default. RiskRatioServer is like a dynamic Lot Multiplier which is changing based on Account size and continuously adjusting itself based on account size. This risk control mode will generate proportional gain in client account(s) according to the difference between master and client account size. If you want to increase the volume of each operation by 20%, as an example, simply set the RiskRatioServer = 1.2 in the Client EA.

Another popular configuration that many traders use is to copy the same position size on the client account as on the master. To set the Client EA copy the same lot size always no matter what you need to turn off the RiskRatioServer and use the LotMultiplier.

  • RiskRatioServer=0
  • LotMultiplier=1

Also, you can set Client EA to risk certain percentage of a client account’s balance/equity using the RiskPercent parameter, just note that this one requires a stop loss to be present. Trades will be delayed and not copied until the stop loss is set on the master trade while Client EA is using the RiskPercent parameter.

Leverage of a client account affects the lot size

The Client EA is always looking at the leverage of the client account and compares it with the leverage of the master account.

If the leverage size match then it won’t affect the lot size.

However, if the leverage size of the client account is smaller than the leverage of the master account, it will affect the lot size by making it smaller as well.

Note that the lot size is affected only if the leverage of the client account is smaller.

This was introduced into the Local Trade Copier version 2.9.6.

Example #1

Master account leverage 1:200
Client account leverage 1:50
Client EA is set to use LotMultiplier=1.0

Master account opens a trade of 1.0 lot, but the client account will have the same trade copied only of 0.25 lot (instead of 1.0 lots). It is because client’s account leverage size is 4 times smaller and copying a full 1.0 lot trade might damage the account.

If you want a bigger trade size on the client account despite the risk, then increase it by using money management parameters. In this example, LotMultiplier of 4.0 would do the job.

Example #2

Master account leverage 1:5
Client account leverage 1:100
Client EA is set to use LotMultiplier=1.0

Master account opens a trade of 1.0 lot. The client account will have the same trade copied at the same size of 1.0 lot regardless a higher leverage. Even though the client’s account leverage size is 20 times bigger the trade size copied will not be affected to avoid account damage and unexpected results. If you want a bigger trade size in such scenario then increase it by using money management parameters. In this example, LotMultiplier of 20.0 would do the job.

Auto-adjusting lot size between accounts of different currencies

In a situation where Master account and Client account are in different currencies, the LTC trade copier may adjust the lot size according to the current rate to preserve the same percentage risk/gain of a trade.

Let me give you an example.

SERVER Account: 100,000.00 USD
CLIENT Account: 100,000.00 EUR
Client EA is set to use RiskRatioServer=1 to reserve the same percentage risk/gain of each trade.
Master sends 1.0 lot from USD account and Client receives it as 1.18 lot to an EUR account.

Here’s an explanation why the lot size is bigger even though the size of accounts are the same.

Client account size converted from EUR to USD and in this example when EUR/USD rate was 1.1773 it looks like this: 100,000 EUR * 1.1773 (EURUSD) = 117,730 USD

Client EA will treat its size as 117,730 USD when calculating lot size for a trade from USD master account. So it turns out the client account is bigger by 1.1773 than the Master account.

This means 1.0 lot * 1.1772 = 1.18 lot for a Client account (rounded to decimal 2 digits).

What to do if Client EA does not always use fixed lot size when it is configured to?

If you set Client EA to use fixed lot size then there’s no way for the Client EA to use any other lot size. It’s just not possible. However, there might be a couple of scenarios for misunderstandings.

Broker’s minimum and maximum lot size limitations

First scenario might be if your broker does not allow the lot size you are trying to use (minimum and maximum lot size limitations). For example, the broker has a maximum lot size limitation of 50 and you are trying to use fixed lot size of 60 lots. The broker will deny such lot size and Client EA will be forced to use lot size of 50 (maximum allowed by the broker). Obviously, there’s nothing you can do to override this because this is the limitation on the broker’s side. But you could use the Lot Split function in the Client EA to split that 60 lot trade into two trades of 50 and 10 lots.

Partially closed trades change lot size

Another scenario might be if trades are closed partially (a.k.a. scale-out) on the master account. In this case, Client EA will repeat the same actions on the client MT4 account and when you get back to the computer you might see lot size that’s smaller than your preset fixed lot size. This is completely normal and interfering with this would usually ruin a trading logic of a strategy you copy.

If you set Client EA to you a fixed lot size then it will always use a fixed lot size always to open a trade, but as the time goes these trades might get closed partially on the master by your account manager or automated trading strategy you use (Forex EA). To copy the trades in a correct way Client EA will also close trades partially the maintain an exact same copy of those trades.

For example, master opens a 2.0 lot trade and client copies it at a fixed lot of 1.0 lot. Master closes half of the position (1.0 lot) and the rest 1.0 lot is left to run. So the client will close half of the position too (0.5 lot) and the remaining 0.5 lot will be left to run. Now when you see 0.5 running on the client you might assume that the Client EA copied it incorrectly when in reality it is all fine because it was copied correctly but then closed partially by the master later.

Rimantas Petrauskas

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I am the creator of the Local Trade Copier program and a professional developer of Forex trading signal delivery software for MetaTrader 4 client terminal. Also I am into 100% automated currency trading that generates profits while I enjoy the time with my family, our life and traveling.


  • Govindan Premnath says:


    Can I use another EA to trade along with LTC in the master account ?

    Also please let me know details about your 100% automated currency trading. Cost, minimum invest amount, ROI etc.


  • IOANNIS STAM says:

    Hello, I have one quick question,
    My signal provider (master account) opens positions 20% of the total capital (sometimes can open 15% and some other time can open 30%). Can I choose to a client account to open max 12% of its total capital? and If yes, how can i do it?
    Thank you Rimantas.

  • Shannon Thimmesch says:

    Hello, I have recently purchased this trade copier and would like to know if I can have several accounts work in tandem, i.e., have a master account to trade one strategy that is copied by another master account where I will be trading an additional strategy, and have the second master account be copied by all client accounts. I hope that makes sense!

    • Hi,

      thanks for your comment
      we appreciate it

      Yes it can be done
      It will require some additional setup

      You need:

      On master 1 – attach server ea on any one chart – make sure SPID is set to 1 in settings
      On master 2 – attach client ea on any one chart – make sure SPID is 1
      then attach server ea on another chart and set SPID to 2 (important)

      On all clients attach client ea on any one chart and use SPID 2 (important)
      Hope this helps

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