Q: I use LTC on a very fast dedicated server and it still copies trades with a delay of 15 to 30 seconds. What could it be and how do I solve this?

A trade copier speed depends on your computer’s speed, Internet connection speed and the broker you are using.

Are you really using a dedicated server or is it a VPS after all? If it’s a VPS and it has multiple CPUs then you should try setting all MT4s to use the same CPU0 via Set Affinity. If it’s a dedicated server then this multi-CPU issue should not affect you.

Check the following things to possibly find a problem:

  1. How many open trades there are on your MT4 accounts? If you have dozens or even hundreds of trades open and they get opened, closed or modified often then the trade copier might experience delays because it has lots of trades to check and manage.
  2. What Speed you see reported in the dashboard of the Server EA and Client EA? This might help you identify in which part the copier is slowing down? It could be Data exchange, trade list check or trade execution.
  3. What overall CPU load you see in the Task Manager? Maybe server’s CPU is overloaded? Try running less MT4s.
  4. How much available RAM memory there are?
  5. Is there any other software running on the server that uses CPU, RAM and DISK resources excessively?
  6. What SyncRate are you using for the Server EA and Client EA? The default is 400 ms which is kind of an optimal speed. If SyncRate is lower than 400 ms the copier will use server resources excessively and maybe your server is too slow for that.
  7. Some users reported that reinstalling MT4 and LTC copier or just a simple computer reboot solved the problem.

Q: Why LTC Client EA does not update lot size on the copied trades when I change stop loss or lot size on the master account?

MT4 does not allow to change lot size once the trade is opened. If you change stop loss or lot size on the master trade and want this to reflect on the client side, then you need to close the master trade and open it again with new trade parameters. In this case Client EA will close the old copied trade and copy the new one with new parameters as per your EA settings.

Q: Does your software require me to open an MT4 platform for every account and keep it running?

Yes, LTC is an EA-based trade copier and you need to open MT4 platform for each master or slave account you will use.

I know there are solutions that allow you to copy trades between MT4 accounts without the need to run the MT4 platform, but trust me, mostly they are using hacked protocols or 3rd party API’s to make a direct connection to the MT4 platform. This is against the law and MT4 clearly said that they do not allow this. There were cases in the past when MetaQuotes sued companies that hacked their protocol and used a direct connection. So actually using such software that does not need to run MT4 platform might give you a lot of problems and you would be constantly in danger to have it blocked by MetaQuotes.

This is why LTC does not use any of this and that is why it is a reliable and safe trade copier.

Q: My master MT4 account has zero SL/TP values which mean there are no SL/TP values set for my trades. Can such trades be copied by LTC when I use Risk_Percent option and SL value is mandatory?

Trades that do not have SL/TP obviously can be copied with a Risk_Percent option. In such case additionally, you’ll have to use StopLossOverridePips option on the Client EA or Server EA. You can also use additional tools like Stealth EA to place SL/TP for your trades automatically if needed.

Obviously, if you are using other risk option like RiskRatioServer, FixedLotSize or LotMultiplier then SL value is not required.

Q: Let’s say there are many open trades on the Server account. I run the Client EA on another account, and all the open trades are copied. I manually close these trades on the Client account, while they are still open on the Server account. After that, I remove the EA from the Client account, and I quit and restart the Client MT4 account. If I reload the EA on the Client account, will the EA copy again the same open trades that are still ongoing on the Server account?

When you load the Client EA on the MT4 it will automatically ignore all of the running trades from the master account and will not copy any of them. This is the default Client EA behavior.

However, there are two exceptions to that:

  1. You run Server EA for the first time on the master account while Client EA is already running. In that case, any open trades from the master account would be copied to the slave account if they are within the range of the MaxPriceDevationPips.
  2. You run Client EA in a special mode to copy old open trades from the master. You can do this using options IgnoreTradesBeforeTimeStamp and IgnorePriceDeviation in the Client EA inputs. Watch this video to learn more.

Suppose the trades were copied in any of those ways. If you close the trades manually on the client account only and leave them running on the master account, and then restart the Client EA it will again do the same. Either it will ignore all of the open trades from the master account (default EA behavior) or it will copy those old running trades as described in the 2nd scenario above.

So in conclusion, before copying a trade the Client EA does not check if the trade was copied before or not. It only checks if the trade is not currently running on the client account.

Q: Question re the Emergency Stop Loss. Say a trade is placed that has no SL. If I configure the emergency stop loss to automatically place an SL of 50 pips in that instance, I understand it will do that. If the original trade then has a new SL placed on it at say 25 pips, will LTC update the SL to represent the value from the original trade source, or will it keep the emergency SL value in place?

A: Yes, the copied trade will get the 50 pips emergency SL, but as soon as you add an SL on your original (master) trade it will be replaced on the slave account as well. Emergency SL is replaced with a real SL as soon as that real SL is placed on the original trade. In other words, the Emergency SL will protect your copied trade with 50 pips SL only until the original trade has no SL.

Q: I have two master accounts and I want a slave account to use different risk options for each of them. I want risk multiplier of 1.0 on the trades from the 1st master and risk multiplier of 5.0 on the trades from the 2nd master account. Is that possible and what settings I need to set?

A: Yes, that is possible. What you need is two LTC Client EA instances running on the same MT4 slave account. Note that both need to use different MagicNumber. When you have two separate Client EA instances then obviously you can set different risk multipliers using LotMultiplier option.

Q: If the master account enters a Buy trade at 1.3200, can the Client EA be configured to enter a Sell trade at 10-20 pips above 1.3200?

A: Yes, the LTC Client EA can be configured to shift the entry price using the ShiftEntryPips option and to reverse a trade you will have to set the ReverseTrades option to true. The ShiftEntryPips will alter the market and pending orders sent from the master account, but once their entry price is changed on the client account the market orders will become pending orders on the slave account. This is because you cannot enter the market order 20 pips away from the current market price, so that is why Client EA will place that market order as a pending order and at a different entry price that you have configured it to.

Q: If I change the LotMultiplier on the Client EA, while I have some trades open already, will these open trades be unaffected by the changes and still close when I close the trade on the server side?

Yes, no problems should arise from such change. New LotMultiplier value will just be applied to the new trades and Client EA will follow the master account to close any trades regardless of what lot size, stop loss, take profit or any other trade parameters they have.

Q: Is it completely safe to leave the Server EA and Client EA running at night when I am not at the screen?

Yes. LTC software is completely safe to be used that way. I and hundreds of my customers are using it that way.

Q: Is there a possibility that the LTC Client EA will open an endless loop of trades that will empty my accounts?

This has never happened to any of my customers. However, if you’ll open an endless loop of trades on the master account by yourself or by some 3rd party EA or signal provider, the Client EA will copy those trades too. But this does not happen under normal circumstances.

Q: Is it possible for the Local Trade Copier to copy trades from a Demo account into a Real Money account?

Yes. No problems with that. Copier works on demo account too. You can copy trades from demo to real, from real to demo, from demo to demo and of course from real to real accounts. Any combination works.

Q: Is it possible to remove the SL and TP order from the master positions?

On the Client EA, if you set the StopLossMultiplier=0 and TakeProfitMultiplier=0 the EA should remove SL and TP completely. Then, of course, the copied trade on the client account will be closed as soon as the master account close it. In other words the Client EA will just wait until master close the position, then slave closes it too.

Q: Is there a setting that allows LTC to receive signals to CLOSE open positions but does not allow to OPEN new positions.

Yes. Please see options in the Client EA: AcceptNewTradeSignals, AcceptTradeModifySignals, and AcceptTradeCloseSignals.

Q: I use LTC for my account on my home computer, but for my friend accounts I have a VPS server. Is it possible to copy the trades from my local PC at home to the clients there are on the VPS server(s)?

Yes, that is possible, but an important thing to understand here is that you need to run MASTER MT4 account with the LTC Server EA on those VPS server(s) too. Remember that this app is called LOCAL Trade Copier for a reason. It copies trades only locally, means on the same computer. But the same MT4 account can be running on multiple computers/VPS, so you can have your MASTER MT4 account:

  1. running on your computer where you place trades and
  2. also running on your friend’s VPS together with slave accounts to copy trades.

Watch this video to understand this process better.

Q: Are there any other monthly costs involved?

No monthly costs for the software, it’s a one-time fee. However, if you will use VPS you will need to pay for that, but I do not offer VPS services, so that would be your expenses to another company. Usually, VPS prices start at $20/month.

Q: Can I keep the copier on my server or does it stay on your server? who controls the master?

You get the Server EA and the Client EA. Please note that the Local Trade Copier is called that way for a reason. It copies trades only between MT4 platforms running on the same computer. If you want to copy trades from one computer to another you need the Remote Trade Copier (this one needs web-server).

Q: How can I keep track of the members? Let’s say I have 100 members, can your trade copier be connected to a website where we have an API or just a simple list of customers? Can this copier app check our user’s login/pass to see if the member is active or not to get a signal or is it based on a license only?

LTC does not have any tracking and it is wise to use it with no more than 20 clients or so. When you reach that number of customers it is best to switch to the Remote Trade Copier. This one comes with a special control panel (in a form of a website) and this is where you can manage members, track their MT4 stats, see their trades, etc.
If you have a PHP programmer on your team he could create additional scripts for you to connect your system with RTC system, because all that information is stored in a MySQL database. This video should give you more info.

Q: How the Local Trade Copier is different from the Remote Trade Copier?

Firstly, the name says a lot. Remote Trade Copier is for copying trades remotely when MT4 accounts are located on different computers. Local Trade Copier is for copying trades locally when MT4 accounts are located on the same computer. Please take your time to read more about the RTC here.

Q: Do you have any copiers for Ninjatrader?

I have trade copiers only for the MT4 platform.